Authentic, open and honest conversations among professional moms

The Issues

Women are continuously underrepresented in senior management and executive positions.  Corporations looking for innovation can tap into a vast resource of talented and educated women who bring diverse leadership skills such as collaborative decision making.  Having more women in senior leadership positions propels businesses to financial success and better organizational health.  Why are talented and qualified women losing out on important positions in business?  The double burden of work and caring for families is one of the issues minimizing gender diversity in high level positions.


Over 70% of Canadian women with children under the age of 16 work outside the home. Increasingly limited access to quality childcare, along with rising costs, have turned childcare into a juggling act for a professional mom.

Off-Ramp to family

Issues moms and dads face in merging back onto the career highway.  Increasing the need for more flexible arrangements between work and home is leading to tough choices for parents.  Although more companies are increasing their options for flexibility, many continue to lag behind.

Maternity leave

Skilled women in the workforce are making it clear that both a family and a fulfilling career are important to them.  Maternity benefits allow some employees the option to take 12 months of paid leave. Is this a step forward, or are women ending up on the proverbial hamster wheel?


Balance and flexibility between home and the workplace is a crucial factor for employers to consider. Many parents are working double shifts between the office and home.  With both parents working, and the number of single parents increasing, the need for flexibility in the workplace is important now more than ever.  


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