Authentic, open and honest conversations among professional moms

About momcafé

momcafé is a community of professional moms. 

momcafé is a platform for authentic, open and honest conversations among professional moms. We start the conversations with live in-city events and continue the conversations online. 

Our mission is to connect and inspire professional moms along their professional journey.

We are mom entrepreneurs managing their children and a business; moms at the end of their maternity leave trying to figure out what to do next; corporate moms wondering if this is working; stay-at-home moms who wish to network with other professional women and many women who are not yet and may never be moms, but find momcafé to be inspiring, informative and a place to connect.

Through events, seminars, and online website, we bring positive and inspiring role models to speak to Moms. Our collective experiences and successes prove that the challenges of motherhood are no longer obstacles to having a fulfilling career, business, or community involvement.

We hope momcafé brings a fresh perspective to the choices moms need to make for themselves and their families, because our vision is also simple; to have a positive impact on women's lives.

Last updated: October 21, 2013; rev.2
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