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BLOG POST  posted Aug 4th, 2013

What is your Bliss List?

Sometimes I have a hard time decompressing and forget what gets me to a blissed out feeling. What is on your bliss list?

I just spent the last two weeks on vacation with my husband, three young children and two big dogs. Leading up to vacation was of course hectic and stressful, trying to get as much off my to do list as possible. Admitedly it took me the good part of a week to actually start feeling like I was on vacation. I hate to say it but I don't think I really felt like I was on vacation until about day 10 of 14. It got me thinking that maybe what I need is a Bliss List- a reminder of how to ground myself in the moment when I am mentally miles away. Here is my Bliss List:

1. Reading a book at Starbucks with a Venti Non-Fat No Water Tazo Chai

2. Jumping waves in the ocean

3. Quietly walking along the beach

4. Deep, connected conversations with my bestie 

5. Meditating in a cool, dark, quiet room

6. Biking fast

7. Mid afternoon cat-nap

8. Solo dance party with the music really loud

9. Large white paper with colorful pens for brainstorming

10. Sky gazing under a beautiful tree

I would love to make every day feel like a vacation and am going to try to activate my bliss list a bit more often! What is your bliss list?


By Tasha Richard / Aug 4, 2013
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