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In June I decided it was time to start the process of looking for a new business partner to join me at the helm of momcafé. I took the sage advice of a trusted advisor and wrote down the exact qualities I was looking for in a partner- essentially a talented and witty someone who was ready to roll up her sleeves but was laid back and could roll with the punches, and preferably lived in my time zone! I wanted someone to be the ying to my yang, a Mom who came from a different background and had a unique perspective on the professional mom. And if at all possible had a wicked sense of humour and didn’t take herself to seriously. When I sat back I thought that this might be a tall order!

A very good friend of mine (and majorly successful Professional Mom!) introduced me to Heather Plumridge over drinks one friday evening. Heather was interested in exploring bringing momcafé to Cape Breton but a few glasses of wine later a new partnership was formed!

I am thrilled to welcome Heather to the momcafé community as co-owner and COO of momcafé Network Inc. Heather is the Mom to three children ranging in age from 14 to 21. When her youngest was five she took the brave step of going back to school, completing her Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree. As a Public Health Nurse, Heather thrives in being a positive influence on parenting confidence and child development.  As a Certified Life Coach, Heather provides the necessary guidance for individuals to focus on personal development and strengths, creating an engaging and focused system of achieving personal goals. Be sure to listen to the on demand call to learn more about Heather and her passion for serving professional moms.

NATIONALLY, our focus is on serving a Professional Mom by influencing and supporting positive change in corporate policies and culture while also advocating for progressive programs and legislation at the federal level.

Specifically, momcafé National aims to teach and support women AND companies how to professionally handle pregnancy and how to keep women OFF mommy-track and ON performance track in a way that she feels authentic and engaged.

REGIONALLY, our licensing program focuses on serving a Professional Mom at the grassroots level through the creation and fostering of a peer-to-peer supportive professional mom community.

Specifically, our regional momcafé owners connect and inspire Professional Moms through live in-city events and continue the conversations online through social media.

We would love to hear from you, our community of professional moms, and will be sending out a national survey in the month of October.

Have an inspired month and thank you for giving us the pleasure of serving you, our amazing community of professional moms!


Tasha Richard of Halifax, Nova Scotia is the co-owner and CEO of momcafé Network Inc., a Business Advisor with Ghost CEO ( and co-owner of the newest professional space and community in Halifax called platform ( Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, Tasha worked corporately managing multi-million dollar brands with Johnson and Johnson while building expertise in advertising, sponsorship and integrated event activations. Tasha’s addiction to business coincides with her addiction to her family of three kids, two dogs and one husband!

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